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Committed to reforestation
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Brent Stirton

Témoin d’une Ethiopie déboisée

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soutien du Conservatoire national Botanique de Brest pour la préservation de la biodiversité et du Genévrier d’Ekman, espèce endémique


Un engagement présent pour l’avenir

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Marco Zorzanello le tourisme à l'ère du réchauffement climatique

Photographes soutenus

Un œil sur le monde

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Louis Dolmans

Louis Dolmans is the co-founder of our partner association Heg&Landschap, as well as a farmer and devoted tree planter who is working...
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Plant over the paving stones, restoring nature to schools in the Netherlands


In the Dutch town of Nijmegen, Ronald has become something of a playground superhero. Through good old-fashioned hard work and his...
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RémyEstavil, sheep and crop farmer

Rémy Estavil

Agroforestry has given Drôme-based farmer Rémy Estavil a new take on standard farming practices. Rémy is a livestock and crop...
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Paule Pointreau Afac-Agroforesteries Fondation Yves Rocher

Paule Pointereau

Hedgerows are an essential part of the landscape. Their trees, shrubs and grasses are a haven for many different species. A choice...
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Marien Abspoe and agroforestry: a model that fosters the regeneration of biodiversity

Marien Abspoel

In Oosterwold, Marien Abspoel runs a local neighbourhood project where community values and collective action are the key words, and...
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Jan Degenaar, Food Forest project in The Netherlands Side bar

Jan Degenaar

Within striking distance of the greater Utrecht area in the Netherlands, we’re supporting Jan Degenaar with his Food Forest project....
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Alan Guillou co-founded the “PlanteursVolontaires” association

Alan Guillou

Alan Guillou co-founded the “PlanteursVolontaires” association, and runs a participative planting...
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jacques rocher la gacilly plant for the planet

Jacques Rocher, tree planter

Every year, the Plant for the Planet programme initiated by Jacques Rocher and the Yves Rocher Foundation stops off in La Gacilly for...
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jean-philippe beau-douëzy écologue fondation yves rocher

Jean-Philippe Beau-Douëzy

Ecologist Jean-Philippe Beau-Douëzy joined the Foundation at the very start, working with Jacques Rocher to co-found the Plant for...
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José Gualinga

As part of our 2019 field mission, we met José Gualinga, head of the organisation “Atayak” and one of the main leaders of the...
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Brent Stirton

The Yves Rocher Foundation commissioned photojournalist Brent Stirton to visit Ethiopia and document the reforestation initiatives...
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Photography mission
Committed to reforestation
Views on Ethiopia by Brent Stirton, the Templar of photography

Our initiatives

Committed to biodiversity


It’s a fact: biodiversity is at risk right now. Yet our future depends on it.

This is why, at the Yves Rocher Foundation, we support women and men taking action to change the world.

We support women who work every day on projects that generate hope and foster solidarity.
By planting 100 million trees around the world, we, along with the planting community, are helping biodiversity to regain its rightful place.

We support committed photographers who use their perspective to bear witness to the state of our planet.

As a source of life, plants are our future, and the Foundation is committed to safeguarding the plant world.

At the Yves Rocher Foundation, we believe that individuals can change the world.By supporting projectsand sharing our vision, together we can take action for the future of our planet.



Jacques ROCHER

Tree planter and Honorary Chairman of the Yves Rocher Foundation.


Following us, is already making a commitment!

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