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Jessie Kroon

Raising consumer awareness about zero waste options and sustainable living

Committed to fighting plastic pollution, Jessie Kroon and her sister Nicky aim to convince as many people as possible of the benefits of a zero waste lifestyle. In line with the initiatives they have been running since 2014, the two sisters are now developing an online training platform dedicated to the zero waste mind-set: the Zero Waste Academy.

There’s enough plastic in the world to form an extra continent. An ubiquitous part of our everyday lives, plastic continues to amass at the bottom of the oceans, and is one of the planet’s biggest polluters. The scale and scope of this disaster are what spurred Jessie and Nicky into action. Convinced of the key role played by personal responsibility in reducing plastic waste, they advocate a zero waste lifestyle and encourage consumers to adopt eco-responsible behaviour on a daily basis in a fun and appealing way. Through their blog, social media, conferences and their SMIR shop, the two young Dutch women hope to demonstrate that living a zero waste life can be a source of pleasure and well-being.

Training the zero waste ambassadors of the future

With the Zero Waste Academy, Jessie wants to amplify the zero waste movement and her awareness-building initiatives. This online training platform aims to provide all users with the information they need to successfully transition to a green mind-set, so that they can in turn raise awareness and encourage those around them to take action. Because the greater the number of people taking action, the stronger the impact will be to transform society positively and sustainably.

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