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Svitlana Petrakovska

Restoring natural ecosystems to counteract coastal erosion

In light of the coastal erosion that is threatening the inhabited lands of the Tuzly Lagoons National Natural Park, Svitlana organised a team of volunteers to set up eco-dams in an effort to preserve the natural coastline and protect neighbouring infrastructure and activities.

Clinging to a steep slope, the village of Tuzly overlooks the Burnas Lagoon situated on the north coast of the Black Sea. Living amidst the steppes, salt lakes and forests, local communities must coexist with this unique and wild natural environment and adapt to the arid climate that predominates there. All these factors favour soil erosion. Through the ‘Green Angels of the Salt Lakes’ project, Svitlana and her team came up with the idea of creating natural protective plant-based barriers to shield the coast from marine abrasion.

Using vegetation to limit erosion

Set up in 2016, the first eco-dams were effective in preventing coastal landslides. Thanks to this protective plant-based enclosure, the coastline bordering the region’s lakes has had its rich and diverse natural ecosystem restored. Neighbouring houses and some historic buildings, including an old temple built in 1787, were saved.

The project foreshadows huge development prospects with the ecological restoration of coastal vegetation, the extension of natural sea breakers and the participation of local communities, particularly women involved in the planting.

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