Plant for the Planet

The world has lost 40% of its forestland. Multiple climatic and human disasters unfolding before our very eyes remind us of the environmental emergency we face. Determined to react and take action, we are fighting a global battle with our tribe of tree planters to rejuvenate the soil, ward off deserts and reconnect humans with the energy of nature and the magic of trees.

Jacques Rocher planter of trees

FRANCE : 3 million trees planted

Over 3,000 km have already been planted in France

Hedgerows close to home

An incredible community united to save trees

Trees for all!

35 countries of plantations around the world


Many of you came to plant trees with us this year


100 MILLIONS Trees

Trees Already

We are nothing without trees. We should be obsessed with the plant world.

Jacques Rocher’s statement is as clear as his commitment is unwavering. He embarked on the Plant for the Planet programme to satisfy this obsession and to address the urgent need to stop massive deforestation around the world. This nature lover, who presents himself as a modest tree planter, has taken up the challenge of creating a community of thousands of tree planters.

Trees are the guardians of life

Behind this unique and universal gesture, there are millions of reasons to plant a tree: to foster a close relationship with nature, to nourish the earth and its children, or to make a stand and resist. Sylvie, Nicolaï, Edouardo, Ruhama are just some of those who are planting to re-establish French hedgerows, protect sacred trees in Siberia or forests sheltering the Monarch Butterfly in Mexico, or to reintroduce plant life to the devastated valleys of Ethiopia. These men and women are the missiles of a large and highly active tribe determined to help us make our planet green again. Thanks to all of them, we will reach our target of planting 100 million trees worldwide by 2020, highlighting our resolve to uphold life and biodiversity.


13 years

of commitment

1 tree planted

every 3 seconds

100 million trees 

 already planted

35 countries involved

48 NGOs supported around the world


Every year, 13 million hectares of forests are destroyed. This is the equivalent of Portugal. And yet, trees are the pillars of our land. They fight climate change, prevent desertification, protect biodiversity, provide countless ecological benefits, contribute to economic development and preserve the future of our populations.
Faced with the damage caused by the uprooting of hedges in his native Brittany, Jacques Rocher launched his ‘one school, one arboretum’ initiative 25 years ago, which mobilised thousands of pupils across France and around the world. In 2007, he crossed paths with the equally committed Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. There and then, Yves Rocher promised her he would plant a million trees. Today, the target of planting 100 million trees by 2020 has almost been reached.


Did you know that in France, more hedges are still being pulled up than planted? In recent decades, 550,000 kilometres of hedgerows have been destroyed, despite playing an essential role in the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. We are therefore continuing the fight alongside French agroforestry network AFAC Agroforesteries, and have planted 3 million hedgerow trees in France, with the counter set to reach 5 million by 2021!


Our commitment beyond borders is made possible thanks to the efforts of our thousands of planters in our international tribe. Thanks to them and the expertise of 42 NGOs, our Plant for the Planet programme is active in 35 countries on five continents, and is bringing us ever-closer to our goal of planting 100 million trees by 2020.

Smiles amid
the trees
But who’s behind our trees?
jacques rocher la gacilly plant for the planet
Every year, the Plant for the Planet programme initiated by Jacques Rocher and the Yves Rocher Foundation stops off in La Gacilly for a day...

Tell me about trees

ruhama getahun international award

Ruhama Getahun

Avec son organisation Integrated Women’s Development, Ruhama travaille à mobilis...

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Photography missions
Perspectives of committed photographers


Travel the world by clicking on our map to discover our various planting spots. France, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Mexico… Our fields of action are as vast as the world is wide, and span 35 countries on five different continents with an international tribe made up of thousands of planters with whom we are proud to Plant for the Planet!


Plant for the Planet in France withAfac-Agroforesteries

Hedgerows close to home

Did you know that in France, more hedges are still being pulled up than planted? In recent decades, 550,000 kilometres of hedgerows have been destroyed, despite playing an essentia...

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Following us is already making a commitment! 

#let’s cultivate commitment together

Experiencing nature with children in the heart of the forest in Portugal. A photography mission entrusted to Juan Manuel Castro Prieto


PORTUGAL RISING FROM THE ASHES In Portugal, huge swathes of agricultural land we...

The Ferme de l’Abondance in hedgerow country

Hedgerows and biodiversity

An experience saving trees in the countryside

The sheep farmer who’s reconciled trees and farming

The farmer, his flock and his trees

The sheep farmer who’s reconciled trees and farming

Partners of the Plant for the Planet programme

The Foundation’s planting and biodiversity initiatives

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