Setting up agroforestry systems within Farmers Clubs

Deforestation tends to damage ecosystems and agriculture as a result, which is a primary source of income for large sections of the population.


With forestland accounting for 51% of the entire country, deforestation is now extremely worrying in Mozambique, primarily due to the fact that local populations are highly dependent on wood as a source of heat and for cooking. ADPP Mozambique has been setting up Farmers Clubs since 2006, giving small-scale farmers the opportunity to meet, receive training, get organised and boost their income. The planting campaign here aimed to set up agroforestry systems within these Farmers Clubs for firewood production, cattle fodder, fruit trees and more. The objectives here were varied, but all shared the same root purpose: to improve living conditions for local communities.
The Yves Rocher Foundation supported ADPP Mozambique with this project from 2015 to 2018.

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