astuces conseils plantation arbre champêtre

6 planting tips

for successfully planting a tree in the countryside

Paule Pointereau, Assistant Director of our tree-planting partner Afac-Agroforesteries, shares her planting tips.

  1. Select local varieties
  2. Choose young, one- to two-year-old saplings
  3. Plant between end of November and early March
  4. Till the land to ensure it is sufficiently aerated and dig a hole deep enough for the roots to spread out
  5. Prepare your sapling using secateurs to trim off any roots that are too long or damaged, then soak them in root dip (a muddy rooting mixture) to nourish them and help them take root
  6. Cover the plants with wood chippings to help them grow and prevent the soil from drying out


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