8. Trees


At the Yves Rocher Foundation, we believe in the near-magical powers of trees. We’re fascinated by how they contribute to human and scientific progress, and by their ability to help stem climate change.

That’s why we’ve been tirelessly planting trees with local communities for thirty years now. And we go beyond planting, too, supporting natural regeneration and rewilding initiatives.

Our goal is to plant 135 million trees by 2025, and save as many trees as we can along the way. Our humble gift to the living world.

Often celebrated as wise entities with mysterious powers, trees are landmarks on our landscape and in our past. There are as many trees as there are ethnicities, communities, and human beings. Some trees are thousands of years old, while others are still mere saplings. Others yet survive in the harshest of conditions, rising up out of our deserts, mountains, and ice fields. Many of them are being extinguished by forest fires and human over-exploitation.

And yet these living markers of the passing of time are a vision to behold. A majestic tree soaring up from the heart of a field carries within it a sense of defiance, and the mystery and magic of life that we don’t yet fully understand. They have a soothing effect on us, too: a walk through the forest relieves stress and calms the mind. When trees are planted in our cities, they improve air quality and
reduce urban violence.

By connecting us with nature, trees reconnect us with ourselves.

Back to our 30 words that matter …

SUPPORT comitted women,
initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the Foundation's work.
#let's cultivate commitment

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