Raquel Gaspar and her OCEAN ALIVE association for the protection of our seas


More than 450 winners in 50 countries

For nearly 18 years, we’ve been supporting women who are working to save the planet, humanity and the environment. The Terre de Femmes Award has enabled us to recognise the commitment of almost 430 winners in 15 partner countries.

Armed with her gardening gloves and bin bags, Adeline Gerritsen decided to start organising clean-up events along the riverbanks of Paris. Fanny Struelens decided to help provide autistic people with jobs while developing an organic market-gardening business. Naïma Fdil has transformed the lives of the women living in Morocco’s Dadès Valley by training them to grow and distil the region’s incredible roses. Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy, meanwhile, may be small in size, but her determination knows no bounds as she leads efforts to clean up part of Mount Everest.

One day, all of these women decided to take the plunge and apply to our competition, giving us the opportunity to showcase and honour the invaluable work they do.



2017 International Terre de Femmes ceremony, first-place Terre de Femmes winners and Grand Prize candidates

Take a leap of faith and join the movement of women determined to change the world!

Whether everyday heroines or extreme pioneers, these women’s stories’ share a common thread yet remain utterly unique. Just maybe, the next story will be yours.
Apply today! If you are Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Moroccan, Mexican, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swiss, Turkish or Ukrainian, you qualify as a national of one of our partner countries and can apply locally for the Terre de Femmes Award.

Our International Grand Prize takes our winners even further!

Our Terre de Femmes Grand Prize gives our winners’ the possibility to take that extra step forward in securing recognition for the work they do. Every year, we review all our partner countries’ national winners and select the projects that will go on to receive international recognition, pushing them that little bit further into the spotlight. The ceremony takes place in Paris and is a fantastic opportunity to get all these incredible prize-winning women together in the same room for an event that promises fruitful discussions, the sharing of ideas and an abundance of emotion. It is a special, unique moment to showcase these projects, their teams and the women leading them.

It couldn’t be easier to apply

Simply visit our website. In June, you can fill in our ‘Call for applications’ form in the language of your country. Attach a project presentation (around 20 pages), including your operating budget and a brief portrait about who you are. Every autumn, our judging panel made up of environmental experts, scientists, journalists and other specialists meet to analyse, discuss, debate and, ultimately, select their winners. Will you be one of them? Go for it!

For more information about the Call for applications, click here

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